Professionally produced videos for education

We produce the best educational videos for pupils, trainee teachers and in-service teachers in the UK.

For 2023, we've renewed our Virtual Lessons, 690 online GCSE lessons in shortage subjects using the most confident qualified teachers and professional studio practitioners. Read on to find out more.

Available now for institutions.

We focus on the video so you can focus on learning

We combine our technical expertise in video production with the best in teaching for a consistently high quality approach.

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Virtual Lessons feature Starters, Learning Outcomes, Learning Activities and Plenaries. Each lesson features timed learning activities with a review period that allows pupils to self-assess their learning. The videos work together with a printable Pupil Worksheet and downloadable PowerPoint presentation available to professionals.

Qualified and experienced presenters

Always presented by qualified, experienced UK teachers. We select the most engaging presenters who can clearly, confidently and accurately deliver online lessons.

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Clear, high quality audio and video

Our dedicated professional studios deliver the highest quality audio and video, without the distraction of poor quality or production gimmicks.

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Fully moderated with supporting resources

All our presentations and worksheets are produced and checked by multiple education professionals. These can be downloaded and used in the classroom or at home.

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The best teachers on demand

Virtual Lessons

Our GCSE Virtual Lessons feature everything a face-to-face lesson would. It's perfect as an exemplar of how to teach a topic, alternative provision of education, providing cover, revision and more.

Check your progress as you go.
Every learning outcome is covered by activities to test your progress. Once you've completed the activity, review your answers with the teacher in the video.
Dedicated worksheets for activities.
Every lesson has a dedicated worksheet for completing activities. Simply download and print off.
Just like a face-to-face lesson.
All our lessons have predictable timing. Just press play and our lesson does the rest.
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Available now for institutions and schools.
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